There are a wide range of brand personalities that fit into various archetypes. What is your brand personality and can you decide what some of our most currently prominent public figures above might be?

There are 12 brand archetypes that cover the usual gamut of businesses and personalities. Take a read and find out which one you are!

The Magician

Magicians make dreams come true. Their products and services are amazing and transformative. There is mystery behind what they do and they are intelligent and knowledgable allowing them to solve problems and fulfil wishes.

Their gift: Providing solutions and granting wishes

Brand Examples: Disney, Dyson, TUI.

The Creator

The creator is a visionary and is motivated to turn that vision into a reality. Authenticity and innovation are key and they use creativity to deliver their solutoins.

Brand gift: Inspiring creativity, providing authenticity.

Brand Examples: Adobe, GoPro, Apple.

The Ruler

Stability, control and propriety are at the heart of the ruler archetype. They like to create rules and expect to be trusted as a brand. Politicians typically fall within this group.

Brand gift: Providing stability and trust, creating high quality products or services

Brand archetype examples: Rolls Royce, Microsoft, American Express.

The Lover

Sensuous and seductive, the lover inspires close relationships. These can be romantic, spiritual, familial or companionable.

Brand gift: Connecting people and making things special

Brand examples: Victoria’s Secret, Häagen-Dazs.

The Caregiver

Caregivers live to give and make people feel secure and nurtured. Teachers, nurses and charity workers would tend to fall into this category. Their motivations are altruistic rather than financial and they’re considered trustworthy.

Brand gift: Fostering trust and making people feel secure

Brand examples: NSPCC, NHS, Heinz.

The Jester

Always a joker and unforgettable. They are all about the fun over and above rules. They innovate and live for the moment but more deeply crave laughter and happiness for all those around them. 

Brand gift: Creating joy and providing the lighter side of life

Brand examples: Cadbury’s, Paddy Power, Budweiser

The Sage

The Sage is driven by the desire for truth and knowledge. They are regarded as trustworthy and intelligent and want to share their knowledge authentically. 

Brand gift: Knowledge-sharing and intellectual stimulation.

Brand archetype examples: TED, The Economist, Discovery Channel.

The Explorer

Independent thinkers who seek out new ways of doing things and new journeys to try. They innovate and their approach to discovery often makes them lead where others will then follow..

Brand gift: Inspiring change through innovative vision and force of personality.

Brand examples: NASA, Patagonia, The Body Shop.

The Rebel

It’s time to rip up the rule book. The Rebel looks to dismantle current ways of doing things to create something newer and better. They are disrupters who like to be seen as looking out for the common man. They inspire brand loyalty as their customers buy into their newly evolved paradigm.

Brand gift: Disrupting, inspiring and promoting brand loyalty.

Brand examples: Harley Davidson, Diesel, Greenpeace.

The Hero

The hero always rises to the challenging, protecting and inspiring while allowing people to triumph over adversity. Their work is empowering and moral and their aim to have a positive effect on the world of which they are very proud.

Brand gift: Inspiring courage and overcoming adversity.

Brand archetype examples: Nike, Red Cross, The SAS.

The Everyman

The Everyman is salt-of-the-earth, values hard work, commin sense and is reliable. They are about the mass market and focus on practicality rather than the bells and whistles.

Brand archetype gift: Bringing safety, reliability, trust and comfort to a mass market.

Brand archetype examples: McCain, Tesco, Ford.

The Innocent

The innocent aims to provide a simple product designed to spread joy and happiness while preferring comfort over disruption.

Brand gift: Spreading purity and joy in a cynical world.

Brand examples: Coca Cola, Innocent (obviously), Johnson’s.



Did you decide where you fit in? What about Boris and Harry?


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